As well as seasonal treatments, we provide lawn care services for our customers in Shropshire, around Shrewsbury and Telford, These will improve the underlying condition of your lawn, sort out specific problems and include:

Moss Control

If your lawn suffers from a lot of moss, we can control it using specific moss killers, generally followed by heavy scarification to remove the moss entirely. If moss has not taken over, we can reduce the levels of moss and prevent it becoming a problem through lighter preventative treatments.

We'll reduce compaction of the lawn by removing small cores of soil. This will provide air channels to let more nutrients and water reach the roots and so encourage vigorous growth. Aeration can be carried out any time of the year, provided the ground isn't frozen or too dry.

Scarification removes the thick thatch and dead materials from the surface of the lawn and so helps water drain down into the soil. It reduces moss and weed growth and stimulates the grass for a thicker and more luxurious lawn. Scarification is best carried out in autumn and spring.

By adding new grass seed to the lawn, we’ll improve the balance of grass types and repair any bare patches. Best carried out in autumn.

Top dressing
Top dressing adds a layer of sand and soil to the lawn either across the whole lawn, combined with overseeding or in specific areas to help level bumps and hollows. It can also be beneficial to fill the holes created by aeration and so adding new nutrient rich material directly into the soil.

Weed, disease and pest control
We can provide treatments to control and reduce weeds. We can also provide advice on other lawn problems caused by:

  • fungi, such as fairy rings, dry patch, fusarium or red thread

  • insects, such as chafer grubs, ants, worms and leather jackets

We also provide a Lawn Treatment Programme which includes 4 seasonal visits throughout the year.


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