We provide lawn treatments for our customers in Shropshire around Shrewsbury and Telford. This consists of 4 seasonal visits which will feed and nurture your lawn as well as taking care of any problems with weeds and moss. We use a range of professional products tailored for different seasons, soil and lawn conditions.

Some years, if the winter weather is very wet, we may also offer an additional Winter moss control around January / February time.

In addition, we also carry out lawn services which will improve the underlying condition of the lawn.


As the growing season starts, we’ll apply a slow release fertiliser to encourage growth and recondition the lawn after the winter months. We'll also apply a moss control to keep any new winter moss in check.

Depending on weather conditions, we may also apply a weed control if required.

Early Summer

As the lawn enters its peak growth period, we’ll apply a summer specific fertiliser to improve colour & provide healthy growth. We'll also apply a general weed control. 


To keep your lawn attractive and healthy through the summer, we’ll apply a 'no-scorch' fertiliser designed to operate under summer conditions and spot treat any specific or stubborn weeds.


One of the most critical periods of the lawn calendar, we’ll prepare your lawn for winter using an autumn fertiliser which will strengthen the root system and protect against disease through the winter months. At the same time, we’ll also apply a separate moss control to inhibit moss growth as we head towards winter.